7 Jun 2011

Post 292: Thanks where it's due and Callcentres should be put in Room 101!

Tony and I giving Vicky Denning's (nee Smith) 21st speech back in about 1998 (I think) the stupid Orange wigs were because Alex Potts, THE 21st speechgiver at many other 21sts (he was brilliant) had ginger hair. God, we were cards! Today's sort of supplemental post is a big thankyou to my best mate Tony whom I did mention a bit in my last post. Like most people, Tony is a busy man so him making the effort to see me is very much appreciated – as it is from everyone. Tony is a problem solver and organiser of people as am I, he's just a million times better at it – which compared to him probably makes me a problem creator as most of my problem solving skills have been thrown on the bonfire that is/was my life. As soon as he got here yesterday he was looking for things to fix -most people seem content now to let me struggle (mentioning no names but sod struggling – that isn't how I'd ever let anyone I'm close to live. Within five minutes of being here, he'd identified that my broadband speed was pathetic and ruining my PC performance. It was a joke, 'Right, let's try and sort this out' knowing full well that that would involve talking to several call centres.
What transpired almost made me cry – first, we got hold of a guy from Sky(in Ireland obviously judging by the guys lilting brogue), he told Tony that according to his system the speed showing on the data portion of the line at my address was 0mbit/s which is almost right but clearly wrong as something is trickling through. The Sky bloke told him that this was a BT problem as BT own the equipment. Sky just resell the service (including telephony) so they can flog it with their TV product. This is everything to do with taking away BT's monopoly so a regulator could regulate the wholesale price and a plethora of companies from Tesco to Sky to the Carphone warehouse can try and flog you what is essentially a BT product and surprise surprise it's a crap one. In theory this was supposed to offer consumers a better deal whereas in practice the reseller(Sky) can blame the wholesaler (BT) for any responsibility for providing a decent service. I was listening to this playout over my sh*tty speakerphone knowing full well that we'd end up getting nowhere, so we phoned BT (surprise, surprise a call centre in India) where the chance of them being able to help us was remote, especially that as a retail customer for Sky we could not report a fault, only Sky can do that to BT apparently so the BT guy in India told us to phone the Sky bloke in Ireland which Tony had already done – at this point the phone hung up with no warning – so that's 45 minutes of our lives gone, it's what I used to feel like after I'd listened to Chris Moyles in the shower!
Well there are two points really. Tony was a hero for trying, my family and other friends have all but told me that they're never making calls like this on my behalf because 'I can do it myself' because of course, there's nothing wrong with me! I'm just putting this on you know! Anyone who thinks this and treats me as such has turned their back on me and is the one who has given up trying to understand what this is like. Those who haven't (like Tony) thankyou very much. I've a pretty good idea now of those who have and those who haven't. I'm not an idiot. Thankyou very much. Out of sight, is out of mind and this broadband thing has lit a fire under my ass. If anyone has the email address of the Telecoms Ombudsman, please forward it to me. The worst thing about this is Tony and I only got that far to get hung up upon because we're both reasonably in the know about this. I used to be a Telecoms analyst and Tony still is a management insultant, sorry consultant. Is anyone else as sick and tired of this? Where I worked afterwards was for a subsidiary of possibly the worst telecoms company ever; ntl (now Virgin Media), whose customers hated them so much they set up a website called nthellworld! I must have really hated my job in the city to go and join a company I knew was doomed. Desperate or stupid? Stupidly desperate I think you'll find.


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