10 Jun 2011

Post 293! Deadmau5 doesn't happen and more domestic drama

Most of the following is sadly irrelevant because Tanya and I decided against going to Deadmau5 after she got snarledin traffic in town on the way here. I feel her pain!
Therefore Today's post is likely to be mercifully shorter (I hope for everyones sakes) because of time constraints, I was supposed to be out all day Saturday in Victoria park in Hackney to see brilliant Canadian Techno DJ/Producer deadmau5 (pronounced deadmouse) I last went to Vicky Park in August 2009 to see Tiesto I've never seen deadmau5 but I like his music even if I think he's a bit of a clown for performing in that costume (strictly speaking a mouse) , the brainchild behind this is fellow 'getter on with it' Tanya – who first got me into going to concerts like this when she took me to Bon Jovi back in June 2008 . Little did we both realise how one concert by the permed soft rock overlords might give my post- stroke life some meaning. Since that gig I try and get tickets for EVERYTHING and my life is spent trying to piece together the ultra complicated logistics of going to these things. There is only one thing that could put a dampener (if you'll excuse the pun) on things, yup the weather forecast is for showers at Deadmau5 – expecting the British weather to not be a dick is too much to ask I think ( I was right too apparently) – it's not quite a wedding but it's quite important that it stayed dry to avoid a mudbath – I'm not even sure my chair works on mud. Now I must tell myself off for having such un-positive thoughts.
Bullsh*t, I call them realistic thoughts. If you're going to an outdoor event the word we use for people who are completely convinced it'll be Sunny are...... FOOLS. I know a few and I used to be a bit of a fool myself sometimes although not in the 'happy-clappy 'let's all hold hands, sit round the campfire and be positive singing kum-by-a my lord kum-by-a' more in the 'it started TWO hours ago' sense or my personal favourite – driving 3 hours (to a golf thing) to find it was actually on the week after, actually a uni friend of mine still calls me 'fool' after trying to take a souvenir at his 21st – I had managed to drag this gold plastic cherub half way to my car (which I couldn't have driven for a while when my friends father tapped me on the shoulder and said “what do you think you're doing? I flipped through my Rolodex of responses and came back with “what's it look like I'm doing?” It didn't take an evolutionary leap to get 'fool' from that. I could have got down about these things but decided to just 'roll with the punches'. Not being able to just 'rough it' is one of the things that gets me down now, likewise the reason that advertising frustrates me, if I do buy something because I've seen an advert, it has cost me money I hadn't planned on spending because even though I full well understand that money isn't the be all and end all of everything it often can be for the generation above us and as I see my parents a lot more than the average 34 year old, then a little bit of that attitude has rubbed off (just as well probably). I can probably claim I'm in an ok position (largely because of close management and Dad's ever watchful eye) I can't afford to save but I can manage the odd extravagance but I'll spend money on my friends and family and not think twice about it. I've seen people lose friends over the irrelevant matter of who pay's for dinner or who's round it is! If you're in doubt, it's yours and the reward you get is for defusing any tension. This is priceless. That said not if someone asks you for money in a sly way or by laying on a guilt-trip. Anyway the other reason I get so frustrated about advertising is nothing seems to be for me anymore. Adverts for holidays are particularly bad, but adverts for a whole host of things grind my gears and appear to be for carefree people – f*cking car insurance springs to mind.
At home – I feel the carer saga may be drawing to a close with an Indian guy and his Polish girlfriend moving in Today (Sunday). I still have a tear in the corner of my eye about losing the Mauritian couple to some rich Russians although their popping in to see me on Saturday evening is pretty comforting. I totally understand their decision to go because if you're a foreign couple making your way abroad you've gotta take the money, but my deeply held view is that if you're able bodied jolly well do things yourselves and don't poach people from those who genuinely need them. I'll stop there before the asterisks come out!
Finally, unfathomable gratitude is due to my mate Froniga without whose help I'd have noone. Of the 4 interviews she organised last Saturday, she uncovered the criminal record of the guy In the couple I'd chosen. Another bullet dodged methinks. Drama continues to follow me and I'm f*cking bored by it.
They say ignorance is bliss, Well maybe it is? I wish I was more ignorant in that case. One thing worse is being told to be more positive by a person who is clearly not ignorant after repeatedly telling them, it's not possible when you feel like this! I do try but nothing shifts it.
I'm sorry if anyone feels singled out by this.
And finally finally, a thanks in anticipation of the visit on Sunday morning by my pseudo-sister Vicky Denning
with her latest addition Amelia. Her husband PJ is almost certainly proud but I can imagine him thinking ' Where's my England opening batsman?' Anyway – enough stirring – their two daughters are gorgeous and they should be rightfully proud. OK, just said goodbye to them and have to report that Amelia (who they nickname Milly) is adorable (despite being pictured with a half asleep Ogre) I also can't believe how much Gemima has changed since I last saw her and Vicky. Vicky and PJ are on sparkling form and PJ's observation that I'm a 'good visit on a rainy day' gives me reason to hope it always rains on Sundays.
This post has gone on a bit! I thought it was going to be shorter

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