13 Aug 2011

Post 301: Different ways of finding things funny and unbelievably Dad is 75

I have recently finished listening to Jack Dee's autobiography 'Thanks for Nothing' and it staggers me he's one of the countries most popular comedians. Don't get me wrong, his life has been amusing and listening to it read by him is a masterstroke, not quite up there with Michael Macintyre's autobiography. Two funny little men with quite different styles. Macintyre is always giggling, Dee is always grumbling. Jack literally hates everything, he doesn't trust strangers, I think he is so popular because people respect his unflinching deadpan and his ability to point out everything that is sh*t about the world (something very English). This I can relate too and laugh at because everything's a bit sh*t isn't it? Just today (Thursday), I was basically hounded off a young stroke survivors discussion board on facebook because they (a religious zealot and a member of the 'positive police') only want to read 'positive things on a support group' Jesus (who never existed) wept, Jack Dee would plough a furrow through them although how he coped at AA meetings I'll never know, his version of sharing was probably p*ssing in a cup and offering everyone a sip, and I found it unbelievable he even went for an interview to become a priest although he said something like 'I knew I'd made a terrible mistake the nanosecond I sat down in front of the interviewer'. I think he just wanted to try things until he happened upon something that didn't irritate the sh*t out of him which is odd considering he did a stint as a clipboard carrying market researcher and he tried to get good at Real Tennis when he lived near Queens Club. I think deep down he just wanted to try as wide a variety of things before settling on something where he didn't feel like a parasite and despite being hard worker something where not too much effort were required that would pay the bills, He'd then find a wife and settle down. Essentially he's just an ordinary miserable little fella who had a saleable autobiography because one of the things he tried, stand-up comedy, worked out. I think it sounds like a reasonable plan. Macintyre is quite different – I relate to the way he's always giggling at life's absurdities and his comic pedigree was more clearly ingrained by virtue of the fact his dad used to help produce 'the Kenny Everett' show on TV. It was big back then with over 20 million viewers. Anyway – I love both their senses of humour even though they're totally different although I can perhaps relate more to Dee's cynicism because frankly at the moment everything IS a bit sh*t, I perhaps used to find more funnier but that's when I had energy. Both books acknowledge and thank their long suffering wives in making them successes, indeed this is one of the last things I wrote on that discussion board
The common theme for those who are happy [here I.e those post-stroke] seems to be having another person to live for. I had that till my gf of 7 years left me in 2007. I am grateful to all my friends (most of whom have stuck with me) and have made some great new ones - my family have been awesome but something's missing. If I sound 'hate -filled' - it's because I hate self-righteousness [and earnestness], and there seems to be a lot of it. The reason I'm still here is I get easily wound up, and would rather argue logically than walk (well not walk) away. Rubbish habit, I know.
Anyway, I've included this because I like to shoehorn in my attitude to what I think the most important issue is in my life, also one of those great friends who has stuck by me is Alice who drove down from Oxford on Tuesday (where her and her husband, my oldest friend Dom) now sensibly live. She brought down their latest addition, 6 week old Arden, who I can confirm is indeed a baby, it goes without saying he's cute. Blokes who read this must hate the way I bang on about needing a girlfriend to be happy. Actually, it's just a girl to hug, laugh and share life with. Now I owe an apology to everyone. Man up Pardey! Speaking of Pardey Men (sorry!) it was inarguably the greatest Pardey, My Dad's, 75th on Friday.
I attribute his youthful demeanour to 4 rounds of golf a week and despite the evidence, pickling himself in various types of booze, which Mum and I tell him off for. Anyway mum put on one of her masterpiece lunches for him. All their delightful 'old fart' friends were there and they're all lovely to me despite me being so much less entertaining and unable to be on waiter duty anymore. The Test match was also on and England were kicking *rse so they were happy. Finally here is a button I wish I had.

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