25 Aug 2011

Post 304, SW4 preamble ruined by god botherers

While I write up my experience of the SW4 music festival here's the post I wrote last time I went (in 2008) , here's the post I wrote last year about bank holidays here's a post I wrote during last week for those who can't wait for my form of literary effluvium.
This little list (posted on facebook by fellow stroke sur
viving blogger Lou (actually by his wife) made me chuckle
1.Money cannot buy happiness but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.
2. Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard’s name.
3. Help someone when they are in trouble and they will remember you when they're in trouble again.
4. Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.
5. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then neither does milk :)
I think that one thing about Stroke is that survivors tend to end up with similar senses of humour. I reckon this might be the strongest thing that brings them together (as long as they aren't religious nutters (those who seem grateful for their stroke because it must be part of gods 'perfect plans'))This attitude infuriates me and a big weakness of mine is arguing with them on facebook (convalescence does this), in fact I have just had one of the most unpleasant arguments with a god-botherer ever. They usually end with a 'I feel sorry for you Dom'. This time it ended with her telling me to 'watch my mouth' and that 'if anyone was my friend on here I was heading for self destruction and that I needed help' – all of her god-squad friends had piled in behind her telling me 'I needed professional help and I shouldn't knock what I haven't tried', could you imagine me becoming evangelically religious? I didn't think so – it would be inconsistent with everything I believe and have ever learnt. I should have known better than to argue with a self-confessed conservative Republican American -her closing gambit was 'You can knock and criticize God all you want to, but one of these day's you WILL be sorry. Write it's a promise! You don't bite the freaking hand that made you!
I'm really scared, no wonder religious republican Yanks are a laughing stock. In my book utter stupidity has always been fair game.
'Grow up and stop wallowing in self-pity' Is what she then went on to say, how very christian but maybe slightly warmer, Oh dear - Grrrrr. I barely have the energy to argue with these f*ck-knuckles these days, especially with obvious lunatics.
The Church seems to exist(at least in America) as a social institution so gullible, stupid losers can make friends, the madder ones, like the lady above genuinely seem to listen to a dogma that has killed and made people feel guilty for years. In the UK it exists so middle aged middle class people can collectively try and clear their consciences and get in touch with getting to grips with the inalienable fact they're going to die. I'm sure that the biggest draw to church is that people are at a loss to know what else to do. In short, if religion helps you, fine, but don't push it on people by spouting the sort of crap that got me started yesterday:
'Dom, everyone is beautiful in God's eye. Don't ever think that you're not. God created each of us in HIS imaged and for His pleasure. God don't make no junk!!!
But more importantly what I started this post with before I needed to get all that off my chest:
I don't understand depression, especially in those with no obvious reason for it. Conclusion: I'd make a rubbish psychologist/shrink. I came to this conclusion after listening to the beginning of the first story in 'chicken soup for the soul' a book that literally is a collection of 101 'heart warming' stories about college life. I don't know where the first story is going yet but I feel like a harsh, unsympathetic sod, when I am repeatedly told that the opposite is true except by delusional religious crackpots.
In the first story a girl goes to college and is so overwhelmed on her first day by being away from home that she breaks down in tears like that prisoner in his first night in the Shawshank redemption. Now perhaps I am being a bit hasty because I remember being a bit homesick age 12 when I first went off to board at prep school (I can already hear my leftie critics warming up). Maybe I can't comment on homesickness age 18 because I was basically away from home from age 12 so I saw each new step as 'onwards and upwards'. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that the girl in this story explains away her tears with the 'd word'. I can understand the reason I might be depressed – it's bloody obvious. Most people who tell me they're depressed, I can usually deduce or at least understand the reasons behind it, if we talk I'll understand (I'm not a psychic) but there are those Enigmas that keep pretentious muppets like Frasier and Nials Crane
in business, people who perpetuate the myth (in my view) that if you're fit and well, feel well enough to walk around and drive and you are relatively unconstrained by the world around you it's ok to be depressed because there's a reason somewhere, I don't think there is sometimes (I can understand a chemical imbalance or a structural fault in the brain (my problem caused by the stroke)): Short of this I just don't understand depression at all, I understand how boredom leads to fatigue and how fatigue and unhappiness prey off each other and you create a downward spiral. Fatigue is the thing that is my boring constant, without it, I reckon I could just be a non-walking, slightly different version of Dom [pre-stroke], but I'm never sure if I'm going to be like this forever, no-one conclusively knows. I have literally tried everything to sort this out, this is why I may sometimes appear to be 'wallowing'. Most of my exes have remained good friends which is wonderful but even though I'm thrilled by this the presence of plentiful offspring and a husband for most of them is about the strongest 'Never Ever' message there is but the fact they stay friends is pretty nice of them (for me at least, hopefully for them. I am basically a bit of a tough project hoping like a piece of Sushi
on a conveyor belt that has been mispriced and is cheaper than it perhaps should be, a delicious bargain maybe – I can but dream. Right now I feel laced with Polonium though and one of my main reasons for writing this is on the wane. I used to enjoy provoking debate and reaction but I seem to get less and less of it these days. I get more conversation from a ten word comment on facebook than a time-consuming, energy sapping post on here, crikey, even though I thought I'd never do it, I'm considering using twitter. If Wayne Rooney
and Rio bloody Ferdinand
can figure it out, I can, although unlike Rio I can't give away the chance to win a holiday if you follow me, what a crass c***!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. You know, I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but I worked for Alpha (google it!) and the Church of England for quite a few years in my 20's.

I respect that you don't believe, which is why it's never come up before - it's just not relevant to you, and we have other stuff to talk about.

But I thought I might point out that, if I didn't know better (or I minded more!) I might think you were implying I'm a nutter or a loser or had nothing better to do with my time... or something?

I'm really not offended. I completely understand the frustration when people seem to expect you to believe what they do when you just... don't. Works all ways though!

xx C

Dom P said...

I sort of agree, apologies - I was fuming when I wrote this - doesn't excuse anything

Claire said...

Try Twitter Dom.

You are good at the funny one-liners & the back chat.

It would keep that brain of yours topped-up without tiring you out.
It's the only social network site I use regularly now because it is much less time-consuming than the others and you can dip in & out of it easily.

There are some very funny people on there - it usually comes up trumps if you need a daily laugh.

It also has links to plenty of interesting news feeds (Reuters, etc. - all available in twitter 'quick-fix' form). Quick links to new music samples too.

The way I'm going on about it, you'd think I worked for Twitter's PR department.

Mostly I love the twitter people who make me laugh, but I also like the ones who post links to great photographs, videos, news stories, exhibitions or world events.

Try it.


Ruth said...

I agree - twitter might be a good option......

Nick said...

Blogs are nowhere near as conducive to conversation as twitter.

It's also very hard to follow a comment trail.

Regarding the anti-Christ.
Keep up the good work.
The more those propaganda-spewing smug-tards are reminded what a bunch of unhinged imaginary-friend promoting douchebags they are, the better.

Nick said...

...although I think you would be welcomed here...

Dom P said...

F*cking Brian - no-one has done more to make me anti-church,I still remember the evening when he said 'It's such a shame you're not coming to heaven with me man' I recall the response being 'I'd rather go to hell'
Claire - I could use a twitter tutorial lus we need to talk TM



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