4 Sep 2011

Post 306 (I think):Some reprieves, I could never be vegetarian

Another week where some last-minute saves made life bearable. Being clear, people coming to see me in Oxshott (and offering to do it rather than me badgering people to do it) is still the most life affirming thing that happens in this life of convalescence I'm now faced with. Today (Sunday) I'm expecting Paul Reeves in a minute, sadly the weather and his motorbike conspired to make that not happen and my mate Jo is taking me out for a late lunch, seeing people like this does help me feel like I'm doing something, for both myself but also for them – it makes my loneliness just 'bad', not 'unbearable'. What especially eats me is when I'm left with tickets to some show or other and no-one to take me, I get so stressed out by that happening and trying to find a replacement especially when my best laid plans fall through at the last minute. I'm sure I've moaned about this before, bound to have. On Tuesday this week I had it all arranged to go to the Proms ( virtually over for 2011, it's the last night on September 10th (I've missed out on tickets this year, primarily (I think) because on the day they went on Sale was the day I got ambulanced to hospital with Appendicitis, actually f*ck it, I would probably have missed getting tickets because getting them is like stumbling on Lord Lucan)
So my plans had gone awry. A panic email to my friend Richard Lloyd (my uni friend and the vicar of the neighbouring village) saved the day. Now we're friends because we were mates at Uni, not to do with religion (in fact, nothing could be further from the truth). I told him about the online spat I'd been having with some god-botherers and we proceeded to have an interesting chat about how Christianity when mixed with Conservative republicans in the US (lets label these people 'imbeciles') produces an aggressive, uncompassionate, literal take on the bible) which in Richard's view couldn't be further from what he believes Christianity stands for (then and now) I'm far from being a convert but this level-headedness and his ability to understand his audience is why people (not just me) hold him in such high esteem. As it was we were treated to a superb evening, with a Piano Concerto by Mozart in the first half and Bruckners 8th Symphony in the 2nd half. Both were awesome displays of talent but I remembered the words of my friend Richard Rous (himself a proper concert Pianist) 'that Mozart was a bit too obvious, safe and therefore dull' perhaps to him it is – to me and the Lloydster – it sounded pretty good. Bruckner's 8th was even better, seeming to get 'bigger and bigger', small wonder I'm no classical music pundit with wordplay like that! However one of the talking points was how much the Conductor looked like Frankenstein's assistant Igor,
looking for fresh 'Brains'. The key was that the shared 'enjoyness Quotient' (something I've just invented) was high and positive.
Speaking of high EQ, this week was probably made for me by yesterday (Saturday 3rd) by an old mate popping in to cook lunch (a rare 12Oz Sirloin) with his girlfriend. Kocen and Freya, I salute you,
it was the best Steak
I've had since he cooked a Steak for me in the Hospital Rehab unit in 2007. I've since seen him at my birthdays but had never met Freya (who is charming – another great couple!). Aside from filling my Kitchen/Living Room with smoke, it was great to see them and eating the steak bordered on a spiritual experience so perfect were the taste and texture. Afterwards we all had the inevitable 'meat sweats' but on a fairly humid day it was bound to happen. After they had gone and I'd had my inevitable lie-down my replacement lift was due to take me again to the Albert Hall and the Proms. Originally I had thought my parents were driving but Mum being in America (seeing the grandchildren) and Dad flying to Ireland with a bunch of old duffers for drinking, eating and if they can still walk, golf. Unfortunately, these were not forseable when I bought the tickets but thankfully a chance call on friday from Tristan found him and his lovely Chilean wife Macarena offering to cook me dinner on Friday evening and drive me to the Proms on Saturday. Brilliant – just brilliant, and even better was that Macca had never been to the Albert Hall.
People who haven't been are as gobsmacked as I am in awe of the place. One lesson learned is always to check what time these thing start. They don't all start at 730, last night's was starting at 7 so it was pretty unsurprising that we missed the Elgar and had to watch the 2nd piece (a modern composition) on the Foyer TV screen. I found myself at one point whispering to the Lady on my left 'is it just me, but this is sh*t?' Thank goodess for the famous Rachmaninov piano concerto in the 2nd half for which they allowed us to take our seats.
Basically, good old Tristan and Macca! So, in a manner of speaking I have managed my situation this week. By no means perfect but it'll have to do. As an aside, I had said a few weeks ago that given the effort I put into this and given the lack of reaction it generates, was blogging worthwhile? I got an email from a comparative stranger that'll keep me blogging for another year 'I sat down to read it for 15 minutes and 5 and a half hours later I was still reading, this thing gives people a much better idea of my life than anything else I could do with one-liners on twitbook.

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Fractalena said...

I got an email from a comparative stranger that'll keep me blogging for another year 'I sat down to read it for 15 minutes and 5 and a half hours later I was still reading, this thing gives people a much better idea of my life than anything else I could do with one-liners on twitbook.
The same happened to me when I stumbled across your blog; keep it up, you can write!



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