11 Sep 2011

Post 307 (at a guess):A week where it's been about people coming to see me

I've said it before and probably bang on about it far too much but before my stroke I used to appreciate how much people liked being dropped in on at home. Now the logistics just prevent me jumping in the car or nipping on a tube/train that sort of thing is basically finished. The reason people do anything spontaneously is to surprise others and themselves. There is something chemical about the way your body reacts to a positive surprise, things like getting better than expected exam results, getting a promotion, winning a competition, being surprised at a surprise birthday party by a good friend who's travelled from Australia. The reason I mention this last example, was that a good friend of mine did just that this week, appearing by surprise at the Surprise 50th birthday party of the best man at his wedding. (Pablo in the middle, Steve on the right)
It prompted me to write this on facebook: 'Has been really moved by the way Steve Williams came all the way over from Melbourne for Pablo Pabs surprise 50th birthday, I'm quite surprised the big fella didn't keel over in shock. I was just sorry I couldn't be there to see it. I can imagine Pablo going 'I recognise that shirt, there can't be two of them' What I'm thinking now is, 'Steve can get here from Australia and I couldn't even make it from inside the M25!', I'm sure Pabs'll be ok, in fact I know he will, well, since then he's said that the evening plus seeing Stevie 'was the best night of his life', and here's a man I'll hazard, has had a few immense evenings! It reminded me of the time my dad had gone to visit his best friend in a French hospital a few years ago. It didn't sound good for my dad's friend but I've seen Stewart since and the recovery he has made is remarkable. Obviously, Stewart's recovery is testament to his toughness but I can imagine that seeing that a friend had made all that effort to be there must be a real help. Pablo must have felt that when he saw Stevie, I got a similar feeling when people came to visit me in hospital or people come to see me full stop, people making the effort for you is what gives people strength. I don't devote enough time on this blog these days to 'bigging up' my parents about the sheer time and effort they have made. I'm convinced they think my whole post-stroke fatigue thing is something I save up and they get the worst of. I can assure them that's not true. They have been heroes. The upshot of the whole 'Stevie story' was that I got to see him (on Tuesday) out of the blue, I knew he'd made the journey from Melbourne by then and I know how many people he knows, so for him to have come and seen me was pretty bloody kind, the last time I'd seen him had been in January An added bonus was getting to see Jo Butcher and her daughter Sophia who I hadn't seen since February It was indeed an honour and a privilege.
This is pretty much true of most people who make the effort to come and see but few more so than one of my old colleagues, Carole, retired director of John Lewis' biggest business, Furniture, Textiles and Lighting. She emailed me and said it had been far too long and could she come and cook me lunch? On the basis that it is such an 'honour and privilege' to be visited by such a legend, she visited on Tuesday.
She's full of stories (usually about the adventures she goes on) now she's actually got the time. I was not disappointed, this time it was about a narrow escape from a charging elephant in Tanzania. People 15 years younger than ME wouldn't have her get up and go. It's small wonder her and my mother instantly got on famously when they met each other. It didn't end there though, on Thursday I got dropped in on by the Lee's (Pete, his wife Imogen and their two little girls, Beth and Ginni)
in advance of their having to move to California in a month because of Pete's job as a geologist for a US oil company, all I can think is how grown up and what a big step. A big step for me is getting out of the house for an evening out. Even better was Pete had offered to cook Fillet Steak,
after the 'Spiritual' sirloin Kocen cooked me last week this fillet steak was bound to be 'pretty ok', and so it was. Pete and Mo are great company and even though the Steak was great it just feels nice that people do this for me. It will be their leaving bash in a few weeks time and even though they're not leaving forever I know it won't be just me that misses them. So after half a cow, I was lucky enough to be taken to the Bear Yesterday by a lovely couple whose incredible wedding I'd been lucky enough to go to back in august 2009. . So, Jon and Megan, thankyou. Since then they have had a son, Isaac,
who is very well behaved (by which I of course mean he's quiet, it goes without saying he's cute). It may appear to some, that I'm letting my diet slip and I'm letting my tastebuds trump managing my waistline. This is probably partially true but there are worse things to have as a vice, plus Jose (my trainer) records my weight every week and I appear to be keeping it under control. Next week, I'll probably give my views on 'the Inbetweeners'
movie which didn't just have all the funny bits in the trailer and a couple of drama series I've been glued to, 'Entourage'
and 'The Borgias',
I highly commend them both, both beauts from Sky Atlantic.
I'm not much of a TV watcher because it feels like wasted time and my eyesight makes it difficult but there are exceptions.

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