18 Sep 2011

Post 308: No to Hipsters, Yes to Engagements

I was slightly saddened on Monday by the ending of a TV series that has rather captivated me and TV doesn't really captivate me these days because even though I've got large TVs, the stroke has really buggered my eyesight, and wearing glasses doesn't help, see this very early post for why , plus concentrating on something on TV seems to be a million times more tiring than it should be. I'll watch a decent film but I'm unwilling to waste my time on TV. Why? Because I don't feel it's a good use of my time, given my fatigue and physical limitations, I figure I should be resting, exercising , staying in touch with people or writing this crap. I've always figured that letting this ethos slip is a slippery slope towards watching the Jeremy Vile show,
I know I'm officially an unemployed pensioner age 34 but I refuse to behave like I'm on the dole! And I said 'WATCHING the Jeremy Vile show', you have to be a serious wrong'un to appear on it. Luckily the series I was talking about is on in the evening. It is one of those US HBO imports called 'Entourage'
that is supposed to be loosely based on the life of Mark 'Marky Mark' Wahlberg
when he lived in LA. In it a guy called Vincent Chase
(the Wahlberg-alike) pads around LA with his group of mates in tow, with women falling at his feet seduced no doubt by his charm, looks, (and as it's LA) seemingly endless wealth and A-list movie-star credentials, the good news for me is I've only seen season 8, so I need to rent/buy seasons 1-7, although I'm not thrilled at the prospect of all that telly watching, how exhausting it'll be scares the bejesus out of me, I appreciate this is not a typical reaction to a boxset marathon, but that's how it is these days. The answer is having someone to watch TV with but people are busy and I fear I'm much less fun than I used to be. Blah, what 'happy clappy' (usually deluded) 'positive police' type people describe as 'wallowing in self pity'. Fine, if observing that post-stroke life is infinitely (to the power n) sh*tter than pre-stroke life, I'm wallowing in self pity, sorry for not being out of touch with reality, like I say all the time, you can only be positive all the time if you're healthy and feel well, eg try and be positive when you feel like you've had flu for 6 years and might feel like that for the rest of your life, think about this before lecturing me on the benefits of 'being positive'. I agree it's much better to be positive but being positive for positive's sake and (even worse) lecturing people from your anionic (positively charged) ivory tower makes you a c***. Some folks I have a lot of time for fall into this category, but mostly these are just social network internet acquaintances (religious nuts or 'support' group types desperate to stay positive at all costs otherwise people who they've never met and will never meet might think less of them. The thing that struck me about 'Entourage' (excellent subject change I thought) was that although Vince is a bloody good lad it is disturbing the way that he resorts to his money to keep his friends happy, eg he gives $100,000 to a charity to secure his brother an acting role, he casually just hands over his credit card when the Jeweller announces that the engagement ring he's looking at is $1.4 million dollars (he just says 'yeah, fine' when she tells him the price) and he charters 2(not 1, but 2) private jets to fly him and his entourage to Paris, the 2nd jet is so his mate and girlfriend can 'fly anywhere in the world' in order to rekindle their romance, despite this ostentation annoying me, the thing that the show did teach me was how utterly important the right girl can be. My favourite character Ari Gold jacks in his job and business in such a funny way so he can spontaneously move to Florence to stop his marriage ending
and it seems that his business is everything to him, but the love of his life is more important. I hope I don't sound like a broken record but I would literally give all my worldly goods to find the right girl. I know this may sound like a 'mopey guy' kind of thing to do but I've said it – it's that important. Time for another sharp subject change I think, although it's been going on for years I'm starting to see a real backlash against dickheads who think bad things are somehow cool. 'Trying to be cool' has been a phenomenon going on since time immemorial, although the backlash is epitomised (I think) by 'the dickhead song' that a friend alerted me to quite some time ago. At the time it just made me laugh, little did I know it would set me off now. The thing that gets me about this is the notion that bad things are somehow good and therefore 'cool'. Forgive my old fashioned grasp on things but bad things will always be bad in my world, in a similar way good things will mostly always be good. I couldn't give a f*ck about trying to be cool, jesus, even before my stroke. In fact isn't 'trying to be cool' in itself not 'cool', that's another thing that winds me up, the notion that by wearing something bad 'ironically' you're somehow being cool. No you're not, you're deliberately wearing/doing something bad, that makes you a dick at worst, a fool at best. What was even funnier was I was alerted to this website Look At This F*cking Hipster , after a little discussion on facebook – I couldn't stop myself writing Look At This F*cking Hipster and the dickhead song go together, why do people wear 'crap glasses'; wearing stupid things because you're 'being ironic' makes you a c*nt. In a similar way so does having an ironic haircut, I thought being 'cool' was about being laid back about your style and carrying off an image effortlessly – I can tell you right now it takes quite a lot of effort to maintain a sh*t haircut (speaking from experience, how uncool is it therefore to make sure your ironic mullet is looking its er, worst so you can look cool.
Mullets are a disgrace, full stop. Like being a post-modern vegetarian because when you eat meat, you do it 'ironically' [thanks Bill Bailey] I won't even get started on that. What I think is that Modern Artists have a lot to answer for, my thoughts on some of their work is pretty clear from my post on my visit to the Tate Modern, where it's safe to say the high point of the day wasn't the art. I think this was a movement sprung up by idiots who decided to see what they could get away with. It makes me a bit mad. Look for Nathan Barley
on youtube and feel your anger rising while you laugh which seems to be how humour works these days. Sigh. What I do love is how this seems to fit with my whole 'Don't be a dick' philosophy Aside from finding ways to laugh through this, if you read last week's post you'll remember that people offering to drop in on me is what makes me tick, so yesterday (Saturday), the Tress family (Olly, Gina, Talia and Bruno)
had offered to come and see me. I used to go to University with Gina and she tracked me down after going on a family holiday with one of my good friends, her charming husband Olly, and I, now go to quite a few events together, as he's in retail and I was a retailer we have a few interesting discussions but mostly he's just a good lad who's kind enough to take me out, anyway, it was a joy to see them, they must be busy people, them making the time to see me is indeed an 'Honour and a Privilege'. I'll just mention briefly the engagement party I was lucky enough to go to yesterday of a mate of mine I used to DJ with. A kiwi guy with the most unusual name in the world, Daegal Brain – it prompted me to write this on facebook: So good to go to Carla & Daegal's Engagement, great to see some familiar faces and thanks for inviting/putting up with me. Special thanks to Adam Symbiosis [and his wife Susan]
for looking after me. Very moving speeches from the bride and groom.
[Going to these things will always be worth the effort]. Thanks to Jane [from local agency Karen's Angels] for driving. Thanks to the Tress family for coming to see me first. I hop this hasn't been too long.

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