27 Nov 2011

Black FridayPost318:, what's that?

This is going to be mercifully shorter than the last post (phew!). Something has changed about this blog. I started doing it in January 2008 as a way of trying to let people know I still existed. I didn't really know what to expect. What I do know is when people have been nice about it, it has made me feel a bit more useful, I have always wanted it to inspire debate, one of the things I said in my first post was that I barely had the energy to write this, letalone argue and I didn't mind the odd hostile comment but then this started linking to facebook and hostile comments became vicious arguments. I don't expect people to agree with me but I expect people to realise that the only reward I get from all this effort is the perception that people are reading it and feeling thanked, enriched or occasionally amused although my idea of what I think is vacuous crap elicited some vicious responses, I wanted people to feel that I have got a brain inside of my head, and apart from occasional falability and fragility of my arguments, it is a force for good, particularly when I'm encouraged however if all people want to do is aggressively argue with and make me feel 'pathetic' then what's the point of going to this effort? Especially if I thought those people were my friends. I want this to be thought provoking and not provocative, Plus no-one should care enough about the thoughts of a disabled guy whose minute to minute worries are about whether I can navigate my bloody wheelchair to the loo in time or that his carers (who I rely on 100%) are happy. I also want to avoid just writing a blog about things I hate, every so often there are times when it's appropriate and a lot of modern comedy is about bad things, you just have to read the papers or watch the news or satire shows, and I have to admit I haven't been able to resist the frankly asenine and nihilistic humour of people like Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr and Charlie Brooker who in reality are probably complete tw*ts. The bottom line is rather simpler in my view. Anyone should be able to laugh at whatever they find funny – I find it rather ironic that I'm trying to say, laugh at whatever you find funny' and I'm sitting here with a frown so big it's laughable! Anyway, enough of that, we're approaching my (least) favourite time of year. My American ( or at least English friends in America) started talking about preparing for 'black Friday', this isn't as apocalyptic as it sounds, it's what we at John Lewis (probably) would have considered an RLN or Retailers Logistical Nightmare, one day of sales madness to kickstart the christmas spending spree, where customers sharpen their elbows
so they can make sure that they get the latest or last years home cinema system 25% cheaper than anyone else. We humans love a bargain, in England we'll pay whatever it costs as long as it's cheaper than such and such had to pay. Schadenfreunde shopping, so much so that in America there was a story about people being pepper sprayed
out of the way, which for insanity has got to be up there with someone being trampled to death in the Stampede for bargains at the new Edmonton branch of Ikea
(in North london) By anyones measure that's a pretty bad day. People go MENTAL for bargains. People lose all sense of dignity or humanity. It's terrifying, and it's not even that people are scared for their lives. I sometimes wonder if I am confronted by a fire if my legs would suddenly decide to work again? And then I think 'of course they wouldn't you fool, things don't just work. It's like a few times recently, my internet dating has meant I've been faced with a beautiful girl that I've just wanted to kiss, if only I could look normal, get out of my chair and seduce her, but no – I'm afraid all they see is Dom, the disabled git. Another thing I need to stop on this blog is the 'Woe is me' moments -but I can't help the buggers happening. Anybloodyway the good news (the What?) is that details for the Christmas drinks
have been finalised. These – apart from my birthday are the most important event for my mental wellbeing every year. It serves to remind me I'm not quite ready for the knackers yard yet (despite what I sometimes say). If you need details because facebook's not your bag drop me an email. The final good news is that old friends still sometimes drop in on me. This week it was Becky Morrison with her twin almost three year old girls who have now turned into proper people, pictured here being distracted by the 'toddler crack' that is Peppa Pig
It reallw was amazing how a frankly scary looking cartoon character can do this. Aren't they proper people compared with the babies I have occasionally seen over the last few years.
Good old Becky – I've said it before but people making the time and effort to come and see me keep me alive. Speaking of which my lovely old mate the gorgeous Alex J
just left after coming down and having lunch. Thank goodness there are people in this world who can be bothered to do things. People who are always too busy because they can't be bothered to make time should be ashamed!

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