14 Dec 2011

Post 321: Trust Drinks 2011

A big part of this blog since I worked out how to do it has been putting up pictures, and arguably the most important event that makes me feel useful, the Trust Christmas Drinks took place last week. The reason this post is a bit late is I've been waiting for the photos from my lovely mate Becky Litchfield
[no, not related to Patrick Litchfield, the photographer]she's just got the right name considering she is a rather talented professional photographer. The only reason I can remotely afford her is she gives me 'mates rates' and why, you may ask do I need a photographer? Well: 1.I'm a vain b*stard 2.I take sh*t photos and so does my poor mum+we're too busy talking 3.It eliminates so much stress+we're busy trying to remember what we're saying which is harder than you might expect 4.Becky's photos are so much better
(as you can see) 6.that's it 7.Do I really need to explain myself? So this post is likely to be a bit photo-heavy, surely a good thing, given my pre-disposition for rambling. My first point I want to make was how humbled and thrilled I was by the turnout.
I often moan about how forgotten I feel, and this event helps me feel a bit less so, I only understate it because this is one night in the year and convalescence is a lonely 365 day a year business. My first specific thanks go to my carers who all came along (who I couldn't survive without), from the left Bianca (who has just moved in to replace Abeer), Agnieska, her husband Hassan and Abeer
– Finding people that I trust has been hard, but I feel that I'm there now. They are practically my new family (almost) Nothing can however replace my actual family who's involvement since my stroke has kept me going and stopped what is left of my brain eating me whole. They maybe old-fashioned and a little eccentric, and perhaps take what the Daily Mail says a bit literally but they are good people, there's Mum,
(who was actually a bit unwell, which is why he looks a bit red-faced, well pissed and my brother Chris
(we sometimes don't see eye to eye but know that we're brothers, without him I'd be in deep trouble – so would our family, he often forgets how much people value his talent, he's a rare breed, a builder you can trust! I always bang on about how this occasion brings a weird, mixed bag of people together. The biggest group are probably my university mates like Richard Rous,
(who has just revealed his wife is expecting), Guy and Tristan,
great university mates who have both been involved with the Trust, little Sara who is not becoming of that title anymore, beautiful young lady Sara
is probably closer, my best mate Tony,
who barely has the time to tie his own shoe-laces letalone take care of his lovely girlfriend Kate.
I am so grateful for the support he gives me through running the trust, here seen running the raffle and my favourite student president Helen.
Another heroic Helen, who's help I couldn't live without is the eponymous HVJ,pictured here with her kid sister
– see the likeness? Speaking of which, one of the star prizes in the raffle was a bottle of Champagne autographed by the ever popular leader of our land David Cameron. A spontaneous protest by my more left wing friends was I'm sure narrowly avoided, this touchpaper prize was generously donated by my good friend and former housemate Matt,
the now Tory MP for a safe seat in Suffolk (I still find this hard to believe) – If anyone needs an understanding of the current financial mess, he's your go to guy, he's even written a book about it.
The 2nd group of people are those who I know since my time as a little-known DJ(an understatement – I hardly did any weddings or Bat-Mitzvahs ), it's great to see some of this lot -Adam,
(who's always looked out for me and is in fact taking me to see Kasabian tonight) Daegal
(who was flying out for his wedding in New Zealand the next day, really good of him to come, Fi and Kat
(Queen and princess of mischief back in the day) and Gaelle
(Still a princess). The 3rd lot are going to be my former colleagues and people I met through work, First up are Champ and El,
now married to different people but a bit of a power couple back in 2000, the people I worked with at John Lewis were also in evidence
(LtoRSimon, Dave, Ed and Justine) and on that note I run dry of photos of my old colleagues but also need to thank some other very good friends who made the effort to be there, old family friends John and Caroline Jackson,
and Caroline's daughter Clare,
who believe it or not I used to throw snowballs at 25 years ago because her skiing was 'slow and girly', I'm not laughing now. It was also cool of my old schoolfriend Owen to turn up, here talking to my cousin Danny,
who was actually a couple of years below us at school. There are more photos (I'll put them all on facebook) but as much as I'd love to talk about them all, I can imagine there are some pretty bored people. I think I've made the point in a pretty roundabout way as usual – thanks for coming, it makes me feel that living is worthwhile. As you've probably noticed I get down a little bit these days, it is an evening where the people who know the real me don't give me a chance to get depressed – which is what I need! I'm bound to have forgotten someone but the evening was the important bit – even if I am a bit 'bah, humbug'
about the whole thing - have a great Christmas everyone! Despite this - I can't stop myself looking half-asleep,


john mckay said...

I'd like to see a few buses of Becky.

Dom P said...

I'm afraid she's married, she's a gorgeous lady but being behind the Camera doesn't give her the exposure she perhaps deserves.

I hope people think of this blog as more than me just posting pics of pretty ladies I'm lucky to know - I appreciate it might be easier to read:-)



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