11 Dec 2011

Post 320: No time, no energy, no pictures, no proper post about the xmas drinks (yet)

I'm going to be writing a proper post after the weekend but the Christmas party worked out really well. Lovely venue (the waterfront in Battersea) + good turnout = a cheered up me and hopefully the same is true of everyone who came. Pictures to follow. Here is the message I wrote for lucky people to take away: “Firstly, thankyou for coming this evening, I hope you've had a good time and had a chance to see people you just don't have the chance to see much anymore – it's a dull cliché to bemoan the fact no-one gets the chance to see each other now we're all getting older and so is moaning about getting older – but seeing as tedious dullness is my stock in trade these days it would be remiss of me not to mention them! Tedious or dull are words that spring to mind when I think of 2011, I'm sorry if it was a watershed year for you, but it was as dull as a shed full of water! However this is one of the few evenings that breaks the cycle. It's the people behind the Trust, people like Tony Reid and Helen Vaugh Jones+the other Trustees and any loyal friends who make a point of not forgetting about me. If I do anything (and I can't do much) – I hope I provide a bridge to keep friendships going, an excuse for you to see people that you otherwise wouldn't and being a bit flagrant here : Be a charity case that's a bit closer to home: Please read on. I know that Money is pretty tight for everyone but the trust is running on fumes. Every penny is spent wisely on stuff that is directly aimed at my recovery/longevity, e.g. my wheelchair or therapy to help maintain or improve my independence. I wouldn't have survived without it's existence. Seriously. I try and avoid seriousness most of the time. I think THAT PHILOSOPHY gets us all through the day. I do sometimes feel at the sharp end. Put those violins away.” The other good news was that I went to see Penn & Teller at the small arena at the Dome, Indigo2
on Tuesday. My Consort for the night was great lad and amazing Magician Chris Dugdale
who had actually appeared on Pen & Tellers show It's rather awesome having a mate like him because he's properly down to earth and very much just 'one of the guys' but his magic really is incredible. We were just chatting in the Dome Pizza Express when he actually went to fetch Penn and Teller (who had been interviewed on stage by Jonathan Ross)
to come and say hello.
It was an awesome moment. I was pathetically starstruck even if I look asleep (I always look asleep!). Well, I'm off for some comedy at the brilliant Soho Theatre with my lovely new friend Mel. Basically, thank f*ck for friends. Speaking of friends, Mel did take me to the Soho Theatre last night and made a fine effort of taking me to what is probably the hardest venue to park at. After she had dropped me at the theatre the poor girl turned up after taking an HOUR to find a disabled space, and guess what? We still got given a ticket because it was the wrong type of disabled space. Grrrrr, parking regulations of any type seem to be designed to deliberately confuse and therefore make money. F*ckers. We didn't let these nightmares spoil it though. What almost did was that a spelling mistake meant that the rather trendy looking box office guy had never heard of Dom Pardey, instead someone with a suspiciously similar sounding name,
by Pure coincidence a wheelchair user had a reservation. Luckily 2+2 for once made 4. The evening was called setlist
where totally random subjects would flash up every minute for the comics to make up any old funny sh*t they could think up off the top of their heads sounds like a nigtmare. Indeed it was, particularly for a young lady called Tiffany Stevenson
not helped by some wheelchair bound nonce in the front saying 'a bit to loud 'she's not funny at all' a very unfair thing to have said given how hard I genuinely thought this was, it didn't help being sandwiched between some genuine comedy gods: Rich Hall (who we'd hassled in the bar beforehand);
Dave Gorman;
and Andrew Maxwell
(who's TV appearances are what made me come to this), that, and (apart from the parking) – I love the Soho Theatre. Mel is also great news.

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Adam Halawi said...

Nice work on the drinks, even if you didn't "arrange" for me to win anything.



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