15 Apr 2012

Post 344: I haven’t had a go at religion for a while...

Difficult one today, it always seems to be a difficult one but I had one of those nights sleep where you don’t really sleep because you have a thought bouncing around your head. Probably inspired by seeing a bit of ‘game change’ a US drama about how the US Republican party (the scariest thing since the Nazis) chose Sarah Palin to be John McCains running mate for president.

Now, I didn’t watch it all because I am a little tired (I know I’ve mentioned that somewhere before) but the general point of the film was to dramatize how the US Republicans ( not a stupid lot – I didn’t say not insane) chose a borderline simpleton ‘better at memorizing and delivering lines than she is at understanding issues.’ Who is only good for a career at Fox news or soft pornography. At one point Palin says she ‘see’s the hand of god everywhere around her in this beautiful world’ –what a f*ckwit. I’m glad most of the world is starting to see sense. There is an argument that says organised religion is OK because it has fostered morality, kindness and salvation where there otherwise would be none. This is true but organised religion has given rise to some sh*te too. I have been called a ‘godless piece of meat’ by people so pious that they fasted during Ramadan but were quite happy to leave the country with over £10,000 of unpaid bills, if you’re going to be thieving immoral b*stards you might as well go the whole hog (pun not intended) and do it on a full stomach . These were people (scum really) who’s faith teaches peace and tolerance but who’s radical believers kill others for not sharing their beliefs and deny women rights because their men are scared that their utter laziness may oneday cost them their god-given superiority. F*ckwits! Radical Christians aren’t any better – at least they’re only intolerant feckless c*nts, who’ll burn a Koran at worst. This is what a bad night’s sleep does, it makes you write angry. I’ve woken up today intolerant of intolerance. Now, the Muslims reading this will probably say I’ve been frightfully unfair, let me assure you, I am an equal opportunities offender. No, believe me, I am as dismayed at all three of the Abrahamic religions in equal measure. Religious people. How can you believe in God creating man but in him forgetting to leave an instruction manual? Since man has existed one of our major pursuits has been trying to stop our bodies failing us, trying to fix them, trying to make them feel and look different and guess what? Most of these things are hideously expensive, too dangerous, illegal or all three. Ergo –god doesn’t exist or he’s a c*nt. Now, as a logical entity, I think the former is true, but being able to blame someone else makes us feel better and is something my mum has taught me from a young age but logic wins the day on this.
I’m sure there are religious people reading this hoping I die on Tuesday when I have this Angiobrainscan. My mate Paul, an anaesthetic practioner did his best to re-assure me, saying ‘they have done these before’ – he’s right of course.
I’ve consoled myself with a couple of visits from friends. First by my mate Anna who I think of as one of my good Samaritans (there are a few) who dropped in on Saturday morning.

The last time we’d seen each other I had been in intensive care. Ignoring the fact that I’d been in a hospital environment last time, she said ‘I was like a different person’, my speech and my posture are so much better. This is a good thing to hear when everyday feels the same, and finally, I’ve been out for Sunday Roast today with another good Samaritan, Isabel and her comedian of a 12 year old son Kevin.

They’re great people.
Finally before I go in to hospital tomorrow, I’ll be going out for lunch with my mate Richard (on the left here),

who is vicar of nearby Claygate, rest assured we’ll not be discussing any of this! Not that it would faze him!



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