18 May 2012

Post 349: A post to drum up support for a couple of heroes who are raising money for me

A mercifully shorter post today to reiterate the support and pride I feel for a couple of my mates who are taking part in heinous events to raise money for me. My John Lewis pension plus disability benefits allow me a reasonable (bearable(ish)) quality of life – what affords me any independence at all is doing physical training three times a week. It is undignified torture and I dread it but it is absolutely necessary otherwise I would need to be in a home. The bottom line is that I couldn’t afford my training without your donations and kind people doing these sorts of events. My friend Isabel

is competing in the Human Race Eton super sprints , a 400m Swim, 20km Bike, 5km Run – which to me sounds suicidal. She is understandably nervous, the thought of it moves me to tears but these days I’m often in tears because having a stroke makes you incapable and pathetic and seeing as though these are hardly admirable qualities. It’s hard not to hate yourself for it.
Anyway, lets not go down that road, Another good mate, he of one of the most unusual names in the world, Daegal Brain is cycling the length of the country

for a few charities and I’m one of them! What a thoroughly nice thing to do. If you’d like to sponsor him or Isa, please do, the trust running out is quite a scary prospect and dangerously close to becoming a reality.
The easiest way to donate to the Dom Pardey Trust is via paypal - you can make a payment to email address which is linked to the Trust account. Alternatively if you do not use (or do not understand how to use paypal) and would still like to donate, please can you contact Tony Reid at who can help you on other donation methods. In other news I'm off to something a bit different tonight. My lovely friend Gaelle and her questionably angelic daughter Lucie

are taking me to see Swan Lake on Ice at the Albert Hall. I saw Swan Lake (not on ice) a while ago and it was pretty superb then. I'm not really a ballet sort of guy but I'll take my friends to most things these days.



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