22 Jun 2012

Post 348: Full Details and Pictures when I get over the pathetic exhaustion

I once again come cap in hand to say that finding the time and energy to write a proper post for Monday Office facetime is not going to happen. Normal people seem to be able to ‘pull themselves together’ – not me anymore. I don’t even have the energy to do that. It’s Friday now and I’m cowering in fear about how tired I’m gonna feel after going to my college reunion on Saturday. It’s a funny one this – I couldn’t be more grateful to my college friends for persuading me to go, doing the necessary recce’s about access, college bending over backwards for me and here I am still terrified. I should be honoured and grateful. Well of course I am but I’m still terrified. Giving in to my fear and not doing these things is what letting this fucking stroke beat me would be. I’m not there yet! But as you can no doubt tell, I’m pretty fucked off with myself about this. Details and pretty pictures as soon as I can. These pictures were found on the internet and summarise what a lovely place it was. It was probably the 4 most important years of my life.




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