22 Jul 2012

Post 354 ish: Another placeholder (but please read)

I’m afraid my proper post ‘7 things in 7 days. Not wise.’ Will be up on Monday afternoon as finding the time to write and post this has been challenging so this is another ‘cap in hand’ post. If you’ve ever read this blog, please keep reading it. It’s just my life that’s a bit sh*t. This is probably very sh*t!
While I’m here however I am really touched that three of my friends from my clubbing days, Adam, Carine and Matt are doing a sponsored 100k walk for the Trust this weekend .

Thank goodness the sun is shining. They’re planning on walking the South Downs way in 20 hours. Words Fail Me for how grateful I am but please sponsor these three legends if you know how or email me for instructions on how to do it by paypal. I’ll do my best not to confuse you completely!

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