5 Aug 2012

Post 357: I seem to be alone in not losing the plot about the Olympics?

This will be a mercifully shorter post (actually it won’t be)because I’m not going to piss into the wind and badmouth the Olympics (much). This week hasn’t been about much except the rather sad funeral of my friend Carlie

yesterday. My dad took me, and afterwards we both felt glad we went, Dad even said ‘I miss her too’ because I used to take my parents to see her when they visited me in hospital. Her smile and cheerful nature were a genuine inspiration.
I’m not gonna say that was the story of her funeral but it was an attempt to celebrate her all too brief life. Her wishes had been for everyone to wear Bright clothes so it didn’t look like a typical funeral crowd and I haven’t been to a funeral where they played 2 Kelly Clarkson songs and even though I’m not her demographic they were both suitably uplifting. The vicar at Honor Oak Crematorium made a good effort giving a suitably religion-lite address perhaps realising that thanking god for someone who died so early was likely to re-enforce atheism. Anyway, his address and prayers weren’t too impersonal. Carlie’s elder sister, Kerrie read out a list of things that reminded her of Carlie and when she sat down her and Carlie’s younger sister, Michaela comforted each other. It was a stark reminder that this has been hard for her family and that she will be greatly missed. I feel pretty lucky to have known her, her attitude to life in adversity was something I could only hope to emulate. Well, I can’t. At least she was always pleased to see me when I made my trips up to the main hospital in Putney. I do recall us both watching the Mighty Boosh

and both trying to figure out the ‘off the wall’ humour. I think the disabled tend to share a more normal sense of humour. Let’s be honest, ‘The Boosh’ isn’t normal! Whatever, we were just mates looking for excuses to make each other laugh even though there was nothing remotely funny about either of our situations. If I had ended up in a care home like hers there is no way I would have lasted so long. I was pleased I went to the funeral. It gives people a chance to say goodbye.
This is even depressing me for f*cks sake.
My other trip out this week was with my friend Isabel, to the Nando’s and then the Cinema in Staines. I am so grateful to have found a friend like Isabel –she’s funny, chatty, reliable and her kids (Kevin(13) and Lara (6)) are very amusing, although how a 13 year old was able to recommend a 15 film still escapes me. Isa needed to laugh so we didn’t bother with the New Batman movie, we took Kevin’s recommendation and went to see ‘Ted’

a film where Mark Whalberg hangs around all day with his best Friend ‘Ted’, his childhood Teddy Bear come to life –don’t get me wrong there were some funny moments, and Ted is voiced by Seth Mcfarland, the guy who does Peter in Family guy.

The unreal beauty that is Mila Kunis

is Whalberg’s love interest (god she’s pretty!) I think I’m on safe ground if I say ‘it’s never going to be a classic’. Both Isa and I laughed but more at the local Staines youvves. Clearly the cinema is their stomping ground. For blokes the uniform is a Ben Sherman shirt and some baggy jeans, not great but what the girls wear is more disturbing. I saw at least one figure hugging hot pink velour tracksuit with Ugg boots

and a whole host of other colour velours with Uggs. I don’t want to go all Gok Wan

but what are these sisters thinking? Are they just finding out what Colleen Rooney’s wearing

and trying to copy her? Anyone who saw my work-shirt collection knew I wasn’t much of a style guru but I sat about 3 yards from the head of menswear who was so I roughly knew what was a faux-pas, even in womenswear even if John Lewis could never be described as a cutting-edge fashion retailer. Christ M&S were a benchmark competitor!
Still, we talked the talk, even if we didn’t exactly walk the walk, ironic that.
I did say this would be shorter and it hasn’t panned out that way, sorry, the Olympics. Are people forcing themselves to be interested? Plucky us are excelling in all the minor sports that Chinese ‘Zero human rights’ training methods haven’t pervaded yet and it’s at times like these we couldn’t be more grateful to our second generation immigrants of African origin. For the record I just can’t get worked up about these games when some people I know are behaving as disingenuously as people with some intelligence saying they are football fans.
Still, I suppose the Olympics is better than the football World Cup. It is Sunday morning and I just found out that Mo Farah won the 10,000m

and the undisputed British Darling athlete Jess Ennis

won the Heptathlon – not only is she just gorgeous but evidence from her TV appearances beforehand make her out to be lovely. Her and Farah both have wonderfully cheeky grins. It feels a bit better when British winners seem to be nice people.

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