11 Aug 2012

Post 359 - a placeholder because this weekend is going to be a bit busy

Yep - it's Saturday and I'm going to the Olympic Athletics today thanks to Karen and Toby and then Hyde Park tomorrow to see Blur and the closing ceremony get televised. Oli Cassidy is taking me to that. I love spectacle and noise - the weather forecast looks ok too. My mum called after she'd been to the Athletics on Tuesday saying it had been 'a once in a lifetime experience so it should be great, mind you, she gets excited when the daffodils come out!
But just to make this weekend even more of a challenge I had noticed a rather unique event on last night called 'Sporting Stories at Bedtime' which was Stephen Fry, Brian Blessed

and Eddie Izzard

reading out random Sporting Stories from books that they had chosen at the criterion theatre on Piccadilly Circus

- possibly London's last Independent Theatre. Stephen Fry is a trustee and that sort of line-up doing ANYTHING guarantees bums on seats. I dunno, maybe I'm a mug. Anyway, my heroes for the evening were Ched and his fiance Terri, who I never got a picture of because some dick of an usher threated to call the manager if I took a picture. Fair enough if I was filming or snapping away with the flash on - which I wasn't - he was just being some self-important jobsworth. A shame because it spoilt what was a rather good evening. However the highlight was running into virtual demi-god Stephen Fry at the wheelchair access door. Such a Charming guy. Blessed is bonkers and larger than life. He does seem to have the same thirst for dangerous adventure as Ranulph Fiennes, he briefly touched on his death defying journeys to the summit of Everest and the Magnetic North Pole which he has done recently. He is 75 and clearly a few cherries short of a fruitcake.
Izzard is just Charisma. He is charming, well spoken and funny. His run around Britain is how publicity stunts should be done

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