3 Sep 2012

Post 365: Far from being a Disney adventure

They say that smiling uses fewer muscles than frowning. This is patent bollocks. Why would I dare to say such a thing, an affront to the ‘positive police’

perchance? Because I’m happy (see) insulting those fools who prey on the realistic and tell them off because they (the ‘positive police’) can’t think of anything better to say. I’m not just trying to wind them up, god knows I seem to do that just with my day to day utterings! But I had a little practical experiment in my car the other day while I was sitting waiting for a mate of mine to go and get a Nandos for us to eat in the car in Epsom (only the best!)but it does take an awful lot of muscle power (relatively speaking) to lift the skin on the lower half of your face upwards –try it! Whereas, gravity does the work for a frown. If you then use effort to accentuate it, that’s when you’re being a proper miserable b*stard or you’re doing an impression of a Soprano’s mafia stereotype!

Thank goodness laughter is pretty much involuntary but smiling all the time when you don’t have the best control over your facial muscles is a bit of a b*stard.
Anyway, I have just had my first session back with Jose since my operation – we worked out that it has been 19 days since I’ve had a training session, seeing as I reckon it only takes about a day or two for me to weaken so my transfers get a bit shaky, I’m in pretty lousy shape, anyway, it’s not all about me, in that time him and his girlfriend Bec have had a baby girl called Alba!

I’m really quite honoured he’s found the time to answer my request for emergency torture seeing as he’s averaging about 45 minutes sleep a night!
Anyway this week has been rather defined by a few of my mates taking the initiative. Having to rely on people to suggest things to do isn’t a model of lifestyle that works for regular people, so it is doubly nice when they do it for a high maintenance problem child like me. Firstly, my best mate Tony sent me the boxed set of Dexter which I’m working my way through slowly. It’s rather good but isn’t rollicking laugh a minute stuff.

Nup – it’s the story of a serial-killer who works for the Miami forensic department and it is rather unsettling. Even though he only kills people he believes have got away with things, so righteous retribution is the motif. Hopefully no-one in the world exists like that because the whole sociopath ‘devoid of emotion’ thing scares the sh*t out of me. Boxsets are a big part of modern life! I’d say having someone to watch them with is the key. I’m in the rare position of having both series of Game of Thrones

and my mate Isabel is into them and came over for Portuguese Beer, Pizza and to watch the last couple of episodes of season two. People offering to do that might be my new favourite thing . Makes me feel almost normal. I’m not a great TV watcher but it is something to do, even though my eyesight isn’t great I’ve got a pretty big telly.

Obviously a euphemism! (I wish)
The icing on the cake was that my mate Will had said ‘it’s been ages pal, let me take you to the cinema on Saturday?’ So we did, seeing the latest Batman Film the ‘ Dark Knight’

which from a production values and Cinematography standpoint is probably going to win an Oscar, I didn’t have a clue what was going on, and I suspect I was not alone. I suspect I’m the only one with the excuse of having brain damage to make it tricky to follow!
The Cherry on top was being taken to lunch yesterday by my University mate Tristan and his lovely Chilean wife Macarena.

Macca’s English since I last saw them at my birthday in March is like night and day. Well done Macca, and this isn’t supposed to be as patronising as it sounds! And some good news in the last few minutes. Dylan (my 10 year old neighbour and I were about to put out some ‘LOST CAT’ Posters after we hadn’t seen little Ham

for three days when who should bound in through the catflap miaowing and doubtless telling us all about her big adventure. Feckless Feline! Well she looked even thinner than normal but it’s a relief she’s back. Here ends the human interest story I tag on the end of my usual dross! Do keep reading, life is still far from fun but I’m doing what I can to drag people down to my level![ahem]

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