18 Nov 2012

Post 366A: A proper post will have to come later

If anyone still reads this, writing and posting time have been absconded by other activities and perhaps rather boringly having to rest for these activities. Firstly just to give you some idea why I’m doing the creative writing course I wrote this as an attempt to ‘big-up’ the course in it’s marketing literature

‘Hi, I’m Dom. I’m 35 and almost died seven years ago when a blood vessel weakness that I didn’t know about gave way. The subsequent stroke has left me in a wheelchair. I have decided/had decided for me that writing might be something I could do. I write a blog weekly which is a diary and cathartic outlet but longer term I need to be more creative, less self-indulgent and write fiction. I looked for a creative writing class that would put me among other writers led by someone who realised my limitations and was able to instruct, guide and keep interested a group with very mixed abilities, backgrounds and starting points. The course gives me a chance to immerse myself in a different mindset and allows me to broaden my writing ‘toolkit’. I don’t expect to be a ‘writer’ by the end but I hope to have a better idea of what it might look like to be one.’
I genuinely think this but I’m not where I want to be yet (the story of my life).
I went to go and see (again) one of the best comedians I’ve ever seen on Friday, Steve Hughes

– it is one of the only times I have exhausted myself by laughing so much, even if some of what he says I am quite tempted to place in the bin marked ‘conspiracy theory nonsense’ – it is nonetheless clever side-splitting nonsense. Last night (Saturday), I went to the Dome to see Rock favourites ‘The Killers’ and guess what – you’ve guessed it. BRILLIANT. And this afternoon, Sunday lunch, the meat sweats and seeing the budding families of three of my former colleagues, the Daweses (Simon and Yvonne+Joseph and Isabel) and the Brennans (Paul and Anna+Emily)

which was hilarious ( I’m ready for my food coma now) and the latest person implicated in the Jimmy Savill scandal is Jeremy Beadle, apparently he had a little hand in it. Arf. Special thanks go to Chey for putting up with me at both Steve Hughes

and the Killers.

She is the perfect friend, I might even say model friend but she’s too modest. I also took my neighbours (Ian and Tracey) to the Killers, seeing as they are possibly the biggest fans I have ever met, I think Ian almost sweated as much as the first time we went to see them in July 2009 . Also thanks to Jose for accompanying us to Steve Hughes.
As you can no doubt tell I haven’t had a chance this week to make myself even more of a societal reject by saying something that upsets someone, oh well, it’ll be next week soon.

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