25 Nov 2012

Post 367: Interrobang?!

Yes, that is actually a thing.Confusion still reigns strong that it needs a ! – I never just wake up thinking clearly ‘this is what I need to do’ Bang!. When I was in a hospital rehab environment it was all about having clearly defined goals and the job at the Putney TLU (transitional living unit) was all about mentally preparing me for whatever life I faced back in the community. It’s going to be five years in April – I’m guessing they did their job. Sure, when I’m on my own, sometimes I get the ‘fear’ but it does pass, I have to persuade myself to do something depending on how much energy I have. I probably should go and lie down more but it’s boring as spit so I end up sitting on the computer trying to find funny stuff or trying to add a bit of spice and mischief to the continuum of chitchat that is facebook. The ‘productivity miracle’ that is the internet probably just about balances the ‘productivity disaster’ that is the internet. I have got my feet (um, wheels) firmly in the ‘miracle’ camp but some have another view and see facebook as a place where the ‘ghosts’ of the past might haunt them and some have employers who actually want their employees to work for them. Imagine the cheek of companies actually not being happy about their workforce chatting to their mates all day? Of course the old me would have bought a smartphone, because the old me loved gadgets, yup, the smaller the better, I think for the purposes of going to the gym I might have even got one of the original ipod shuffles,

basically a styled white glorified overpriced USB stick, so I could listen to pounding progressive house music as I plodded out mile after mile on a bike that was going nowhere. This life trajectory was going somewhere and was a fairly well-worn path, the next big thing was to get married, have kids and certainly sell and move well away from my one bedroom party palace in Brixton, setting the world on fire was not in the script, and death was probably quite a few pages away! Luckily, I still own and rent ‘Castle Pardey’ in Brixton, we drove past the street it’s on, on Friday night en route to the mighty Brixton Academy to see ‘Feeder’,

as my life is now on a totally different trajectory that I suspect has never been tried, well my extensive research hasn’t turned up another stroke survivor remotely like me, and for his sake, I hope he doesn’t exist! Anyway, I think we enjoyed Feeder, thanks to old mate Ched

for stepping in to save the day – we reckon we were quite easily the oldest people there! It is a somewhat strange Paradox that a stroke that has aged me 100 years and by virtue (misfortune?)(for him) of Ched knowing me and living pretty locally, a couple of old fuddy-duddies like us ‘iz hangin wiv da kidz’ again ‘innit’? Maybe this is a desperate attempt to recapture our 20s but then we have nights like last night to remind us we are grown ups when Ched and his wife Terri (the Cheds)

came round for red wine, cheese and a few episodes from the first season of Homeland, a spectacularly reviewed espionage/terrorism Series.

It is a ripper and as Richard E Grant says in brilliant series ‘Hotel Secrets’ “Drinking wine is made great not by the wine but the people you’re with” TRUE FACT, I just want to say sorry to the Cheds for doing that thing where at the end of any given drinking session I can’t resist putting concert footage that I’ve videod of ‘a n other’ gig I’ve been to that I’m a little bit proud of. It’s not the worst habit in the world but it comes under the heading ‘self-indulgence’ and no-one likes that. So, trajectory wise, this might be the unknown but I don’t believe anyone is less well off for me living like this apart from myself and maybe apart from the guy whose foot I ran over a couple of years ago at Brixton Academy (seeing the Editors with Jose)
And I cannot recommend highly enough that Richard E Grant series. He has the best job in the world. Bastard.
I know I'm traditionally lukewarm on Christmas

but this picture of my sisters family. How did her kids suddenly grow up? I think I'm quite looking forward to seeing them


bagel said...

Just got into watching homeland as well, a great series! Keep 'em coming Dom!

Dom P said...

it is rather great. Damian Lewis is brilliant but in real life he's so English. How's life in NZ, I'll bet you anything the Southern Hemisphere summer beats the shite we're having over here. Knocked up Carla yet?



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