3 Mar 2013

Post 385: Uncomfortably Dumb

Apologies for the sh*t pun but it seems appropriate after Mondays debacle. I did think to myself ‘exactly what is the point to being alive’ after spending 4 hours getting to the Dome (usually an hour) to see the Australian Pink Floyd (one of the gigs I had most been looking forward to), the low point of the traffic was sitting stationary at the bottom of Reigate Hill for 45 minutes. The highpoint was getting to the Dome in time for the last song, Comfortably Numb, possibly the greatest rock song of all time. The added complication was that Isabel, Elaine and I were supposed to be meeting four of my mates there and we had the tickets. After some hasty mobile phone calls we informed my mate Oli (waiting outside the arena) of the seat numbers and to plead their way in. Oli, a man familiar with blagging charmed his way in on behalf of the lads so they got in for the start. My fourth mate Graham who took me last year to see the Aussie Floyd in Brighton in March. inadvertently saved himself the M25 carpark by not being able to come. I am pretty lucky that most of the friends who take me to gigs don’t mind roughing it a bit and persevering against adversity – if they were a bunch of wallflowers, welchers or Anna Wintour-alikes I’d do bugger all. When we finally arrived we actually had some luck, we bumped into them saving valuable time, Phil from my writing course, Oli Cassidy (the blagger), a mate from my DJing days who has really been a pioneer for getting me to go to things and Oli Tress, the charming husband of a mate from Uni, the most important thing was these guys got to see the whole gig rather than standing around waiting for Muggins here so in a funny kind of way it is slightly irrelevant I missed it, they got to see a pretty good show. I feel worst for Isabel and Elaine for basically having to sit in a traffic Jam for most of the evening with me and for poor Isabel having to suffer driving back in grim weather when she was exhausted. She really is bloody brilliant. Friends like her are one of the keys to my survival.
I worked out on Friday that the other key to my survival was to fill every week with as much joy or vicarious joy as I can whilst keeping my head financially above water and keeping myself in ok shape.
This is the bit like real life. The pursuit of happiness is about filling up your time with things you enjoy whilst denying yourself too much of the good stuff (which is textbook narcissism). Too much of something is almost always bad for you or detrimental to the people close to you. Take my new found allegiance to Booze. That can’t be good. One of my stated aims is to stay healthy and in shape. I know I’m an irritating and useless drunk (runs in the family) – I can’t afford to jeopardise my health and the decent relationship I have with my carers, family and friends by becoming some sort of pitiful wheelchair bound alcoholic. So, I’ll stick to social drinking. For Instance today I had lunch with my friends Chey and Bianca. As they’re both in a strange land, Bianca’s an Aussie tragically at the end of her work Visa so she has to go back to Melbourne in a couple of weeks and Chey’s a saffa now living in this country – they’re an example of good immigration, coming to this country, finding work, paying their taxes, speaking English and not coming to this country just to take advantage of our benefits system or complain about our permissive society or that ‘we’re godless pieces of meat’ ,we shared a bottle of red wine which was like a revitalising elixir for us after going around the houses to find somewhere to lunch on Saturday. My usual staple, ’The Bear’ had a powercut and was closed, the second place we tried was full so we were forced to go for the Cobham Pizza Express – not exactly a hardship but when you were aiming for a ‘pub lunch’ it’s not exactly where you think you’ll end up. Well, whatever – it turned out to be an acceptable save, I love these two, they are wonderful friends. We reflected on our trip to Brixton Academy the previous evening to see the awesome Kaiser Chiefs, which was a riot! (see what I did there?[sigh]) and Chey’s crazy dancing was a vicarious bonus. I love the way that her and B are like old mates!
This is all entirely consistent with a quote I saw earlier this week. I really don’t know what else I can do?

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