14 Apr 2013

Post 392: Things will never be the same again

First off, thanks to my fellow stroke surviving blogger Lou, who’s email lifted me out of a terrible mental cul-de-sac. Sometimes a well worded email or blog post is what is required to move you from point A to point B. I am pretty sure he’ll like reading that.

I sometimes worry I’m a bit of a snob, but even if I am importantly I’m not a dick about it because:
Exhibit A: When Mrs Thatcher died, I thought ‘that’s a pity’, she was following the well-worn and terrifying dementia path so in a funny kind of way it is more dignified that she died rather than us seeing her in 10 years time visiting Downing street and not recognising it. I am not the kind of arse to contemplate ‘celebrating’ anyone’s death, not least because I am right of centre and liberal conservative in my outlook anyway and because you don’t celebrate anyone dying, you just don’t, also because Mrs T was what the country needed at the time, - a bit like Churchill during the war except fighting a different enemy. I have little doubt that their leadership styles would have been a disaster at other times, ie if Churchill had stayed in power after the war we wouldn’t have a welfare state or an NHS. As you might imagine I’m no friend of organised Labour, and I have a more articulate reason than just hating rotund meathead technocrat Bob Crow.
Being Liberal conservative means you believe in moral truth and social justice which basically boils down to ‘People should be encouraged and incentivised to work hard, the state should be a safety net and nothing more’ I was a bit hurt when someone described these as ‘weasel words’, ie that you can say what you want but anything in word form is meaningless unless you genuinely believe them or ‘I dunno, actively stand on a street corner doling out any money I have to anyone who looks worse off until I’m destitute. That’s proper redistribution of wealth! Instead we have a taxation system that does it for us, apparently. I would feel better if I knew exactly how much tax I have paid in my lifetime and some sort of visualisation on what it’s been spent on!
Anyway, the last thing I want this blog to be about is politics!
Exhibit B: My taste in comedy, although I find some slapstick amusing

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