6 May 2013

Post 395: I hope, worth the wait.

So week 3 of ‘operation ROBINSON CRUSOE’ has gone by and I’m still here, God I’ll be happy to see Gwen and Gary. Luckily, I had a fairly full pattern of events and any gaps have been plugged by the miraculous Isabel. Thankfully she was on the roster for two of the events this week so I feel I might have shown a small iota of how grateful I am. Similarly, I think, to while I was writing last week’s post, she is busy cleaning the house as I type. Amazing, she is clearly the kind of industrious person that we need more of in this world and did I mention that she is heroically doing another Triathlon in two weeks to raise money for the Trust that helps me pay for my physical therapy, I suppose renaming it the torture fund won’t help but it is torture I have to do to retain what independence I do have. Friday night we went to see the delectable Lucy Porter in Aldershot with my friend and torturer (well physical trainer) Jose. I have decided Lucy might have been separated at birth from one of my friends, she has an almost identical manner, style and they look similar. In my head I am giving my friend a huge compliment. When we got back Isabel and I were able to catch up on the last two episodes of Game of Thrones, a series so compelling I even look forward to Mondays ( as it’s on in the evenings).
I will be going back to within yards of the West End Centre in Aldershot (the comedy venue) to the Church opposite for Jose’s baby daughter, Alba ‘ s, christening on Sunday. As Jose and his partner Bec are basically Spanish, I have been told (well warned really) that a Spanish Christening is as significant an event as an English wedding so I’m marginally afraid as I always am about the energy I don’t have. It was fun, and thanks to my Mum for doing the honours and risking taking orders from a SatNav neither of us understood how to work, I only thought we were going to die a few times!
I’ve no idea when/how I’m going to post this. Well, Monday afternoon as it turns out!
Speaking of parties, tonight (Saturday) is going to be an energy-sapper because two of my good mates, Shaun and his lovely wife Renae, are over from Melbourne and putting on a one-off to celebrate them being here and a few birthdays. Shaun and I used to DJ a bit together and he will be laying down some classics tonight. I would go as far as saying it was the best night I’ve had out in 10 years! This lot were the reason I had such a great laughter-filled 20s and being able to see Ian (Betts) aka Bettsy, probably the reason I got into DJing, I used to watch him DJ and think ‘he’s having the most fun here, I want to be in his shoes’ the poor chap couldn’t get rid of me! Anyway, this video might explain, watch for some Betts (c) Slow Motion Dancing. The man is a genius! It was also a bit special catching up with so many old friends! Thanks again to Ched and Terri offering to do the driving, as luck would also have had it the three of us had gone to see big band jazz aficionados Pink Martini at the Albert Hall on Monday and it had been a rather superb concert. We’d been to see Pink Martini in Kew Gardens last year
And it had been a bit special, a real opportunity to see some proper 10/10 girls boogie like they were in a speakeasy in 30s America. Not that my eyesight is good enough for specifics. It is a general observation. Like specifically the pink Martini Singer had changed her hair colour but her chest was generally as impressive!
Now, the Albert Hall is not really the kind of venue until the Pink Martini musical director announced, ‘there’s all this space behind us, and the band play better if people dance’, this was a cue for a free for all. I think the Albert Hall’s idea of crowd participation is a polite cough between movements or singing the national anthem at the proms! Here, there was suddenly a massive influx of people from the Cheap Seats in the circle, The Albert Hall Staff were suddenly at 6s and 7s with no idea what to do. It was brilliant! Seeing as I’m talking Albert Hall, on Thursday night I’d gone to ‘Symphonic Rock’ which I try and go to every year. It is the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing recognisable rock tunes or as ‘Old Man Ched’ called it ‘Shopping Mall Music’, the same man who had said on Monday when he dropped me back ‘Don’t stay up and watch Game of Thrones, it’s RUBBISH’ [he hates the genre – Philistine! He is of course right (about symphonic rock but it is rather good being there. Isabel had never been to the Albert hall and her friend Jolanta had only ever been in the third floor circle. I now specifically ask for the platform by the stage, as I have sh*t eyesight and it’s a magical experience for the people who take me. The only problem on Thursday were a group of chavvy Brummy secretary types who’d clubbed together and instead of getting a stripper had obviously got a box at the Albert Hall together with all the Asti Spumanti or Babycham they could drink. They were whooping, clapping out of time and generally behaving like oiks. Usually, even if the Albert Hall is a bit stuffy, it manages to filter out the ‘c*nts acting like tw*ts’, I think the Pink Martini free for all would have been a real mess had the concertgoers behaved in a similar manner, and yes, I apologise to those that get upset that this is a snobbish point of view, but really – TOUGH SH*T.
And finally, a big thankyou to my old schoolmate Owen, for taking me to Guildford to see 4rrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed[thanks to my lovely cat Cheese for walking on my keyboard for that, I run a tight ship here] Owen took me to see a comedian who has been consistently brilliant[certainly since I’ve been going in the last 5 years] Sean Lock. Seeing it was a sellout two nights in a row, I feel like I might have backed a winner!
And to finish off a demonstration of the passage of time. My sister found this photograph (we reckon taken in about 2003) of me with her two youngest. The change is palpable (they’re the two on the left!

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