26 May 2013

Post 398: Pictures are annoying at the time...

So, another week trundles by of what is the coldest spring since 1979. No sh*t, I heard it on the radio on Saturday morning so it must be true. Ostensibly two things are on the agenda today, firstly, the fact that I want to make more of a song and dance about my parents having been married 50 years and secondly more of a song and dance about the song and dance on Friday night to celebrate Steve and Naomi being over from Melbourne. Thirdly, i've just been transferred some unreal pictures
Friends Shaun and Renae had a similar shindig a couple of weeks back that caused me to write on facebook (my only real way of communicating daily with the outside world, I just take the piss a bit and try and stick to amusing/playful banter, I avoid like the plague any innuendo or slander (that’s for here)) ie:
When Shaun and Nae had their party a couple of weeks ago I said afterwards that it 'was the best thing I'd been to in ten years' Same venue, a lot of the same people, early noughties trance, what's not to like?
I am such a sentimentalist! Even if I spend far too much time taking the piss and ruminating about nonsense online it is so much better making people look forward to things if you can. I was really looking forward to this in the same way I look forward to most things – with a healthy dose of dread at how exhausted I’d feel during and after it – things sadly don’t change, or at least not since this f*cking stroke. Not true apparently, I had a long chat with a chap called Marco who told me two things that stuck in my mind:
1. That the amount I’d improved since I last saw him a few years ago was marked ie back whenever it was I could never have held a glass steadily (arguably, I still can’t)
2. The amount I looked like I was enjoying myself is what made him start DJing.
Almost the exact reason I had started after watching Bettsy – who incidentally was playing last night, but Alas too late for me to have been there. I was running on empty by 10pm when him and his wife Sharon got there, unbelievably, I found this photo (taken in San Antonio, Ibiza featuring Ian and Sharon well before they were married, I think I took it in about 2004) I’d been at the party since 7ish when they got there, I’d gabbled incomprehensibly at a lot of people including Brett and Sylvia, Sean, Ig, Tim, John and Megan, Pablo, Johnny ‘shitcones’ Random, Annabel, Stacey and Kris, Louisa and fiancĂ© John, Ben, Dale, Simon and sexyJoJo and one of my favourite people, Emma, who has been such a big support since my stroke who I just love seeing and others my ruined short term grey cells have forgotten (NOT INTENTIONALLY). One observation I’d make is that the ladies have aged so much better than us men (apart from Simon obviously). The Y chromosome clearly makes men go a bit soggy in the middle, I like to think that I’ve got a better reason than most for that! All except the legend that is Sacha, here on the right in 2002, who assured me that he hasn’t put any weight on for 30 years, lucky b*stard. Just as I was leaving I bumped into Gary, here pictured in 2002 with his then girlfriend, now wife, Jo. This will always be one of my favourite photos from the best days of our lives. As always, I have the brilliant Cheds (Christian and Terri) to thank for ferrying me to and from this. The fact that we both know this lot and they live down the road, can drive, and seem happy to put up with me is nothing short of a miracle!
I’d inconvenienced one too many people (by making them try to understand what my f*cked voice was on about) but it was a fitting party for a couple who have made a hell of an impact. Seeing Stevie loving the music in one of his comedy shirts really made the evening. I found this, taken on the same night as the kiss photo from all those years ago! No wonder I’m so obsessed with taking photos of everything these days!
I think at this point I better go and rest before I go out in a few hours with my great friend and mentor from work Simon Dawes to see comedy cockney Geezer Micky Flanagan discuss ‘Apples and Pears’ at the Apollo, he sure was a funny man although it wasn’t exactly cerebral stuff, but f*ck it.
I’ll hopefully be able to post this on Sunday just before I head to the Emirates stadium in North London to see Baroque anthem Overlords Muse tear Arsenal’s newish stadium a new emergency exit.
So, my parents, they’re not easily forgotten or left till last, in anything. I was quite moved at the 3rd (yes THIRD) party to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding anniversary after my dad gave a great (and very funny) speech without notes to a couple of rooms full of their oldest friends, and then the old boy broke down in tears a bit, as did I. This is what we as a family seem to do when we are faced with everybody who has ever meant something to us. My parents have done it properly, they have lived their lives for their friends and their families. They have travelled the world with Dad’s job and on genuine adventures and created more memories than I could do justice to. This was all brought home to me when I flicked through this unbelievable photobook that my sister and brother had cunningly been working on behind the scenes. When the house they’d lived in since 1980 (the house of their dreams, as dad had said in his speech)burnt down, they thought they had lost everything (including all their old photos of their wedding, honeymoon and travels all over the world. My brother had been first on the scene and by a stroke of utter genius had saved what photos he could and deliberately not told mum and dad. He then scanned what pictures he could and sent them to my sister who had 5 beautiful hardback books made. When my sister presented them on Sunday, Mum’s face was a picture which ironically I didn’t get!

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