22 Apr 2015

Post 402: A one off

I don’t normally even mention politics.
When I stopped writing this near enough two years ago, I did it for a good bunch of reasons.
• Another parallelogram told me that it was ‘too f*cking depressing’
• I didn’t feel that anyone [enough people] read it – sorry Stevie
• I felt I made more impact just chatting to people on facebook, because life is about making a difference to other people
• another big one was my thoughts seemed to be annoying people, they were seen as too Jeremy Clarkson, and not enough Russell Brand. I think both are c*nts. Both have their own talents and I certainly don’t think they’re stupid. At least Clarkson drives OK. His views are probably quite horrible if you’re a PC thug, – probably like mine if you’re a PC thug, I was just not PC enough for the hoards of social media ‘shouters’. I am ‘institutionalised politeness’ I think [well at least I hope, with a smattering of swearwords].
Clarkson had the ‘best job in the world’ and was popular with the type of people who watched Top Gear. Bully for them.
Brand was a talented comedian, a verbose and amusing bloke who had a certain charm with the ladies. The Andrew Sachs ‘Manuelgate’ scandal did his career some short term damage, a few logistical hurdles, but his comedy career benefitted, it gave him something to talk about. then, when he got bored of that and had to workout a new direction to cling to fame, he started going on and on and on about idealistic left wing politics, theoretical socialism, theoretical communism – ‘it’s just sharing innit mate’ – now, revolution is everything I’m opposed to. Before you know, people who don’t deserve it are living their lives in fear, or worse, dying in fear and pain. But, that’s ok, because Russell Brand says so – at it’s most basic level, it sounded like the French Revolution. Far too basic, but illustrative. Now I don’t know any aristocrats and I think the Royals are a bunch of scroungers but I’m sure we’ve spent money on worse things, I bet the sums are out there and examples abound. I worked out without royalty in the world we’d have so much less decent architecture and virtually no classical music. Pampered shits they may be. They’re better than spending millions with Saatchi&Saatchi. And most of the great St Petersburg geniuses were sponsored by royalty
This is a good example of how a discussion of ANYTHING can lead ANYWHERE. One minute it’s Jeremy Clarkson, then that awful man Brand, then the royals. It’s at times like these [and I know I've mentioned it before] that’s it’s worth restating Godwins law
the theory that as an online discussion progresses, it becomes inevitable that someone or something will eventually be compared to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis, regardless of the original topic.
So, before it gets to that. Ever since I stopped being able to run, hide and fight I’ve been quite opposed to destabilizing influences. The London riots were a case in point – a mate of mine got car-jacked and beaten which couldn't be more unacceptable. I have been conservative with a small c for quite a while before my stroke and my lack of access to benefits thanks to means testing (which makes sure that people who pay most of the tax get none of the services) you would have thought this might make me more left wing but ironically it’s the social media PC brigade shouting about ‘Tory Scumbags’ and ‘stop cutting OUR NHS’ that have done so much to decide my vote
People like Russell Brand and numerous media and social media ‘shouters’ are just destabilizing influences – there is no need for all the disingenuous ‘shouting’- apparently it’s all taste anyway, rendering all argument pointless apparently. So, Nazis...
UKIP are a good example of a political party that have grabbed an issue, hyped it up despite it being patent bollocks and made perfectly intelligent people go from being casual racists to being out and out idiots saying that ‘uncontrolled immigration’ and the EU are responsible for the problems in Britain. People’re not about to join the BNP but they might seriously vote UKIP. Don’t.
Cyriza in Greece scare me. Capitalism is not perfect but people kill for money and Cyriza have stuck two fingers up at repaying it’s loans. But that’s ok because that bloody man Brand says ‘it’s exciting’
. A lot of capitalism works on trust. As soon as you break that trust, the Oxygen of capitalism – credit, and then liquidity (ie there being money to spend) dries up. Then no-one can spend anything – say what you like, but people who can’t spend money are pretty p*ssed off. That’s just the way it is.
In the UK, UKIP might be a scary ‘single-issue’ party but then again so were the Nazi’s when they started out, morphing the issue of the harshness of the Versailles treaty into blaming foreigners for Germany’s ills [I’ve just godwinned myself again, although I’ll be surprised if there’s anyone still reading]
We all want the world to be a better, fairer place.
But we don’t want to get there by people dying
• A lot of my ‘friends’ on social media, started implying that I was one of the ‘lucky elite’ and were telling me that I was the sort of person ‘ruining’ this country because of my privileged ‘posh’ background, they also seemed to agree with everything that bloody man Brand said. This made me mad so I thought ‘f*ck this for a game of soldiers’
• Despite going to a creative writing class. It really showed me I have nothing apart from this self-indulgent autobiographical knob-rot, I don’t have a fictional idea – I keep in vague touch with the teacher, and a bloke from the class, Phil, is one of my best mates now.
• Most importantly, typing this with one finger is just too exhausting
• Lastly, with an election on the horizon, I thought this was the one place I wouldn’t get shouted down by champagne socialists, disingenuous lefties and wannabee revolutionaries –in short, people who seem to hate everything I’ve ever stood for.
• I better declare the interest that one of my best mates is the ‘Energy Secretary’.
I trust him completely and all this nonsense about the Tories being the ‘Nasty’ Party is just bollocks. I love the fact that to ‘make a difference’ he has gone into politics and doesn’t just hide behind a computer screen getting angry. He hasn’t hijacked his platform like Russell Brand, Stewart Lee and even some Trade Unions (ie, they go on about ‘workers rights’ [a desirable thing] but actually it’s just a ruse for wielding political power, bloody liars)
On the face of it I may appear to be breaking the #1 rule of political discussion ‘Never take anything personally’ but that’s easy to do when you’re not in a wheelchair, have some confidence in yourself and the energy, eyesight and typing speed to argue back. I think that covers why I’m a Tory and a vote for anyone else is a vote for chaos, fear and idiots. Logic has got me to this conclusion but apparently my logic is only my logic because I am rightwing. Silly me, thinking political affiliation and logic were mutually exclusive. Certainly I think liberal free speech democracy within Capitalism is how things have to work. It’s not cool, it’s not edgy, it’s not perfect but jeez, some lefties might even call me names. I know that posting a blog like this about politics is ironic and hypocritical but I am horribly bored, not in a deviant way – crikey, I even smoke a bit now, and giving up in 2005 made me so proud. I might be the least cool smoker in the world and I’ve arrived a few years late for the f*cking beard trend largely because ‘The Giraffe’ said ‘beards are ok’ and that video on the internet. I’m not losing my hair [yet] though Despite that I’m still a pogonophobe and a hipster-loather
Well, what else is new?
Well, not a lot really – I’m still in the same place, Frenchy is still my housemate and my ‘I don’t carer’, I suppose the biggest difference has been the introduction of the ‘workaway’ programme at the house. Frenchy has a talent for being able to find the right people – we’ve had about seven of them now. It was inspired by mine and Frenchy’s trip to Spain in November 2013. It was my first real trip overseas since my stroke in December 2005. I’ve binned the prospect of airtravel because the risk of a fatal stroke is too high (caused by the reduced air pressure) and forget the logistics – people in powerchairs were never supposed to fly. Not unless they have unlimited cash, which is why I enter the lottery even if logic tells me ‘NO, it’s just a tax on people who don’t understand odds’
The ‘workaways’ are basically people who come and live here for a little while and in exchange for free board and lodging have to do 5 hours work a day. Ostensibly, those 5 hours are about helping me and keeping me company but realistically, it’s about Frenchy having someone else in the house he can talk to who isn’t me plus he’s often out of the house for his work and that comes first.
Other than that my routines are broadly similar. Gary comes in 5 days a week to do my morning routine [he makes such a difference], I do one session of land based physio with Jose and 2 sessions of aquaphysio a week.
I’ve been at pains to explain, this is maintenance therapy to keep my legs and right arm strong for my transfers. Me being able to walk again normally is never going to happen – this wheelchair is for life. Long suffering followers of this blog will see I gave it a good go, but when you get no results after trying so hard, it doesn’t make sense to keep putting yourself through hell.
My latest great hope is high pressure Oxygen therapy. I’ve always said that anything that may make a small improvement to my energy will make me a better person, will allow me to do more therapy and be less depressed, basically make me easier to be around.
A lot of my great hopes – well, all of them, have turned out to be red herrings or worse:
• First, there was my saeboflex splint which we thought might make my left arm work again, er no
• Second, the stimulant Ritalin might make my fatigue less bad – best summed up by my carer saying ‘I thought you’d had another stroke’
• Third, Keppra – an anti-seizure medication, that would maybe reduce my fatigue – it did nothing
• Fourth, Phampridine – a membrane stabilising new medication from the US, that would maybe reduce my fatigue – it did nothing.
• Numerous antidepressants have done nothing
Well, this has taken too much time and energy to write – Doubtless, some of you will be disappointed I even bothered. Paraphrasing Stewart Lee ‘I hate you, everything about you, it’s your politics especially’
Now, I try to put politics to one side when doing my best to have a laugh with my friends
Sunshine, alcohol, laughter, friends and the occasional cigarette is the most effective medicine plus sorting out and going to gigs is something I am grateful I can do. I have probably been to over 300 since Autumn 2012. It’s my thing these days.

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